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Client or Customer

Buyer Brokerage Relationships in Georgia

Do you want to be a Client or a Customer?

Realtors are licensed professionals trained to help consumers buy, sell, or lease real property. 

The Business relationship between Realtor®/Broker and consumer can take many forms.  Buyers are either Clients or Customers.    Clients are entitled to a higher level of service than customers. 

If you are a CLIENT, your agent owes you Honesty, Confidentially, Obedience, and Loyalty!

  • Pay full attention to your needs
  • Tell you all that they know about the seller
  • Keep information about you confidential
  • Focus on choices that satisfy your needs
  • Provide material facts as well as professional advice
  • Provide price counseling based on comparable properties and their professional insights
  • Protect and guide you
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Attempt to solve problems to your advantage and satisfaction


If you are a CUSTOMER, an agent owes you Honesty!

  • Provide just the material facts
  • Give no advice


As a Buyer you deserve representation.  The Agent listing the house has a contract to represent the Seller. They can show you the house and write up an offer but they are representing the Seller, not the Buyer.   If you want representation as a Buyer you should select a Realtor® to represent YOU.  A Realtor® can show you property from any Agency.   

Realtors® are independent contractors.   You can use another Realtor® in the same Agency; one person represents the Seller and the other represents the Buyer.   Dual Agency is when the same Realtor® represents both parties, I do not do this.  I will represent you as a Buyer if another Realtor® is the listing agent at Watson Realty Corp, private information is kept separate.  I am here to represent YOU.


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If you already have a Realtor, stick with them.  Jumping from agent to agent does not give you the best results. You will form a relationship with your Realtor and work together to find your new home.  You only need ONE Realtor and I may be the ONE for YOU.